TITLE TWO - Administration, Enforcement and Penalties

Chap. 402. Definitions. 
Chap. 404
. Enforcement; Impounding. 
Chap. 406. Traffic Control. 
Chap. 408. Penalties.


TITLE FOUR - Public Ways and Traffic-Control Devices

Chap. 412. Obstruction and Special Uses of Public Ways. 
Chap. 414. Traffic-Control Devices. 
Chap. 416. Pedestrians.


TITLE SIX - Operation and Vehicles

Chap. 432. Operation Generally.
Chap. 434. O.V.I.; Reckless Operation; Speed. 
Chap. 436. Licensing; Accidents. 
Chap. 438. Safety and Equipment. 
Chap. 440. Commercial and Heavy Vehicles. 
Chap. 442. Drivers of Commercial Vehicles. 
Chap. 444. Bicycles and Motorcycles Generally. 
Chap. 446. Snowmobiles, Off-Highway Motorcycles and All-Purpose Vehicles.



Chap. 452. Parking Generally.


APPENDIX A - Local Regulations

APPENDIX B - Parking Schedules