This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the Village of Grand Rapids, Ohio, hereinafter sometimes referred to as "the Village", and W. Chad Hoffman, hereinafter sometimes referred to as "Hoffman", which agreement shall be effective
January 1, 2012, in accordance with Village Ordinance Number 2011-8 .

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

    1. Effective January 1, 2012, and continuing until and including December 31, 2016, the Village agrees to contract with Hoffman for his services. During the period from January 1, 2012, thru and including December 31, 2013, Hoffman, will perform the duties and be responsible for the obligations related to the current positions of Village Administrator, Income Tax Administrator, Zoning Inspector, Water Superintendent, and Waste Water Superintendent. Hoffman shall be required to work 40 hours per week, Monday thru Friday during normal business hours, and shall be on call at all other times 24 hours per day.

    2. Hoffman shall receive all benefits with respect to village employment as concerns holiday time off and shall be subject to all applicable village employee policies for conduct, behavior, and performance.

    3. Hoffman shall be paid an annual salary as follows:

            Calendar year 2012 $74,172.00
            Calendar year 2013 $76,026.00

Hoffman shall be paid bi-monthly in accordance with those annual salaries. Additionally, Hoffman shall be included on the village medical insurance plan, and shall receive family coverage, per Village policy for full time employees in effect from time to time, if any. Additionally, Hoffman shall be entitled to 200 hours of vacation time per year, and shall accrue paid sick time at the rate of .0575 hours per hour worked under this agreement. Additionally, Hoffman shall be provided a Village vehicle, which may be used by Hoffman for all on call hours, and work hours, and to and from home to work and for work when the same relates to duties performed for the Village of Grand Rapids.

    4. Beginning January 1, 2014, and continuing thru and including December 31, 2016, Hoffman shall only perform those duties commonly assigned to the Village Administrator, Income Tax Administrator, and Zoning Inspector. He will then no longer be contracted to perform those duties prescribed for the Water Superintendent or Waste Water Superintendent. Hoffman's days of work during those three calendar years shall be reduced to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with one hour for lunch available each day, however, Hoffman shall not be required to work on holidays that may fall on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as aforesaid. During the last 3 years of this Contract, Hoffman shall be entitled to 120 hours of flex time per year, and shall continue to accrue paid sick time at the rate of 0.575 hours per hour worked.

    5. During the final 3 years of this Agreement, Hoffman shall be paid an annual salary as follows:,

            Calendar year 2014 $38,664.00
            Calendar year 2015 $39,824.00
            Calendar year 2016 $41,019.00

Additionally, Hoffman shall have available for his use, a motor vehicle owned and maintained by the Village, but said vehicle must remain at the Village offices when not in use for village purposes, in as much as Hoffman shall not be on call 24 hours per day during the last 3 years of this Agreement. Also, during the final 3 years of this Agreement, the Village shall pay for Hoffman's CDL or equivalent license requirements, any Ohio Department of Agriculture and EPA Certification renewals and continuing education hours as necessary and required, and shall be entitled to a uniform/clothing allowance of $700.00 per calendar year.

    6. The parties agree that this contract may only be terminated by the resignation or death of Hoffman, or in the event Hoffman becomes disabled to the extent that he is unable to substantially perform the duties contemplated by this agreement, or by action of the Mayor of the Village of Grand Rapids approved unanimously by the members of Grand Rapids Village Council. In the event the Mayor and Village Council unanimously determine to terminate this contract at some date in the future, the parties agree that Hoffman shall be entitled to a lump sum payment equivalent to 2 times the remaining salary schedule to be paid Hoffman at the time of said termination in accordance with the salary schedule set forth herein.

    7. The parties agree that at the conclusion of this contract, Hoffman shall be entitled to a lump sum payment amount for all accrued but unused vacation hours provided for herein. In the event Hoffman dies prior to the expiration of this contract, the Village shall pay to Hoffman's estate, or his surviving spouse, all compensation which would otherwise have been payable to him up to the date of his death, including, but not limited to, any unused vacation hours, determined on a pro-rata basis, and all unused sick leave also determined on a pro-rata basis.

    8. Hoffman shall file with the Village Fiscal Officer records with respect to his usage of vacation time, flex time, and sick time, and said records shall be available for inspection by the Mayor and Village Council thru the Village Fiscal Officer at all appropriate times. Hoffman shall submit in writing to the Mayor his plans for taking vacation leave as early as possible when said plans are made, so that appropriate temporary appointment(s) can be arranged for.

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