New Village Ordinances & Resolutions

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 This following list is the most recent ordinances
passed by Council.  


2010 & 2011 Ordinances & Resolutions

2012 & 2013 Ordinances & Resolutions

2014 & 2015 Ordinances & Resolutions

2016 & 2017 Ordinances & Resolutions



Resolution 2018-01 Contract to Furnish Emergency Management Between Wood County, Ohio and the Village of Grand Rapids
Resolution 2018-02 Resolution Authorizing Participation in the ODOT Winter Contract for Road Salt
Resolution 2018-03 Resolution Authorizing the Village Administrator to apply for accept, and enter into a water supply revolving loan account (wsrla) agreement on behalf of the village of grand rapids for planning, design and/or construction of water facilities; and designating a dedicated repayment source for the loan:
Resolution 2018-04 Resolution Amending Appropriation Ordinance 2018-1
Resolution 2018-05 Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission...
Resolution 2018-06 Mitigation Plan Adoption Resolution
Resolution 2018-07 Temporary Appropriation Resolution
Resolution 2018-08 Resolution to make an advance for current expenses and other expenditures



Ordinance 2018-1 Annual Appropriations
Ordinance 2018-2 An Ordinance to request Auditor to assess lots and lands of the Village of Grand Rapids for the lighting of Streets, Alleys, Ways and other public places
Ordinance 2018-3 An Ordinance Establishing Rates to be Charged by the Village of Grand Rapids, Ohio for Water Service, and Declaring an Emergency
Ordinance 2018-4 Ordinance Authorizing the Village Administrator to enter into a contract or contracts for the purchase of a 2018 ford f-550 chassis cab with snow plow, dump body and salt spreader through the ohio cooperative bid program.
Ordinance 2018-5 Preliminary Legislation for SR-295 Bridge


A complete copy of the Village Code of Ordinances are available for review at 
the Grand Rapids Library and the Administration Building on Sycamore Road.


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